Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

Sports injuries can really be debilitating whether you are a weekend duffer or a high school star. Dr. Jason Madigan of Sport & Spine Chiropractic Rehab in  Lock Haven, PA offers ways to treat these injuries, including deep tissue laser therapy. It is important that you get your injury looked at as soon as possible to get the best result. 

Deep tissue laser therapy

Laser therapy uses focused light to treat a variety of injuries and help promote healing after surgery. The doctor uses a handheld device that allows for precision accuracy when applying the laser. The wavelengths can be controlled and this allows for varying degrees of penetration depending on the area of the injury. 

After surgery, the healing properties of the laser therapy accelerate repairs at the cellular level. Studies have found this to be very effective in achieving shorter downtimes. For athletes in particular this can be very significant since staying away from their sport can have adverse effects on their future. But if you have had any joint surgery on the extremities, you know how much you want to get back to life as usual. 

Deep tissue laser therapy is also used for injuries. It can help to lessen the pain and promote healing. It increases circulation to the affected area which brings in more oxygen, water, and nutrients to the injury which helps speed up the recovery. This therapy can also reduce the amount of inflammation, stiffness, and pain the injury is causing. 

Athletes are not the only people who benefit from this therapy. It can help reduce the inflammation in carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as help with back pain, bursitis, and fibromyalgia. It has been found effective in the treatment of many types of pain, both acute and chronic. If you haven't discussed this treatment with your chiropractor what are you waiting for?  

For comprehensive pain relief with deep tissue laser therapy, contact Dr. Madigan at Sport & Spine Chiropractic Rehab in Lock Haven, PA. You can reach us on the phone at 570-858-5645 or request an appointment on our website. 

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