Therapeutic Rehab

If you’re in pain, there’s a great chance that therapeutic rehab provided by a chiropractor will provide lasting relief. There’s no such thing as a true “cure-all” but hands-on treatment and spinal adjustments may be able to treat a wide range of conditions. If you live in or near Lock Haven, PA, stop by Sport & Spine Chiropractic Rehab and talk to Dr. Jason Madigan.

Many forms of treatment rely on expensive and potentially addictive medications, such as pain relievers. Over time, these medications often lose their effectiveness. As a result, patients may suffer from declining results, which may increase the risk of pain or other problems returning. It could also increase the risks of someone falling into addiction.

Fortunately, therapeutic rehab does not rely on medications. As such, patients may be able to enjoy lasting pain relief. Let’s take a deeper dive into therapeutic rehab.

Therapeutic Care Throughout the Body

Often, chiropractors are thought of as “back doctors.” Many medical professionals specialize in certain fields. Chiropractic care started by focusing on how nerve signals travel from the brain to the spinal cord and on to the rest of the body. That said, many chiropractors have expanded beyond the spinal column to provide soft tissue therapy and joint treatment in the extremities. These techniques can be especially valuable with rehab.

Still, the back remains important for chiropractors. Your spine also anchors many muscles and bones, forming a foundation for your entire body. Unfortunately, if your spine is out of alignment, it could cause pain and other serious issues. This could pose a particular challenge for athletes who are subjected to a lot of impacts, such as our local trail runners.

How Chiropractors Conduct Therapeutic Rehab

Many chiropractors work extensively with the back. However, it's possible to use chiropractic methods to address joints and soft tissues throughout the body. Therapeutic rehab provided by a chiropractor may resolve underlying issues, thus providing pain relief not just today but also everyday moving forward. Whether you’re recovering from surgery, a slip and fall, car accident, sports injury, or something else, it’s wise to talk with a chiropractor.

Rehab often involves therapeutic exercises, which may be based on yoga and the like. Often, light weights and other pieces of simple gym equipment are used to strengthen muscles and joints. Dr. Madigan is an experienced provider of sports medicine and also provides therapies such as cupping and deep tissue laser to improve blood flow to injured areas. Many other therapeutic methods, such as instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, can be used to address problems in your limbs and elsewhere. Ultimately, the appropriate therapy regime should be based on your specific circumstances.

If you're interested in therapeutic rehab and live near Lock Haven, PA, contact Sport & Spine Chiropractic Rehab by dialing 570-858-5645.

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